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Dr. Lee’ Philosophy and Concepts:


About IVF

There are two basic requirements for IVF to succeed. One is a fertilized egg and the other is the environment in which the implanted egg can grow. Some patients have failed repeatedly in IVF. Although the embryo is under treatment by drugs, the patient’s overall health is not good enough to sustain the embryo’s growth or the uterus fails to provide a viable environment for the embryo to grow. Even if you have failed in your previous attempt(s) at IVF, do not lose heart. Chances of success in IVF can be greatly enhanced by improving your overall health.

  About Autoimmune Function

Autoimmune function is extremely complicated. It is not like other functions, about which you would think the stronger, the better. For instance, allergic asthma is caused by excess of some factors in the autoimmune system. It is a sensitive reaction. For a pregnant woman, if some factors in her autoimmune system are hyper, i.e. too active, her body will repel the embryo, and she may fail in her pregnancy. In the perspective of Chinese Medicine, abnormal autoimmune function is the same as an imbalance of Yin and Yang.

Chinese Medicine emphasizes the balance of Yin and Yang and the harmony of the body’s different functions, a concept which is totally alien to Western Medicine.

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