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Philosophy & Concepts
Dr. Lee’ Philosophy and Concepts:


Chinese Medicine works wonders

Dr. Lee was astonished to see such a high rate of infertility and miscarriages in the United States when she first came here in 1986.

She had helped many patients achieve pregnancy back in China when she worked as a gynecologist in a hospital in Suzhou. Based on her years of experience in treating infertility, she is fully convinced that Chinese Medicine does help patients of infertility. Those who are treated by Chinese Medicine stand a much better chance of getting pregnant than those treated by western medicine, IVF or IUI. Dr. Lee’s success rate of treating infertility is around 70%. As for prevention of miscarriages, her success rate is over 90%. Dr. Lee highly recommends that Chinese Medicine should be your first choice when you seek treatment for your infertility, because it is effective in treating infertility and miscarriage and it is also safe with minimal side effects.

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Philosophy & Concepts
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