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Philosophy & Concepts
Dr. Lee’ Philosophy and Concepts:


Focus of treatment

The treatment of female infertility by western medicine is meant to help patients with ovulation. However, Chinese medicine talks about qi or blood deficiency and kidney function. The typical approach of Chinese medicine is to increase qi or blood and tonify kidney. Causes of infertility or failure of IVF vary from case to case. While some patients fail to ovulate, others may have too thin lining in the uterus. Some may suffer from endometriosis, others may have an overgrown endometrium. Pregnancy is also jeopardized when something goes wrong with the autoimmune system or when the primary metabolism is in disorder.

Conception is impossible when the male has a low sperm count which may be related to low hormone level or deficiency of kidney function. In Chinese medicine, kidney function includes the production of adrenocortical hormone.

Of course, there may be other causes of male infertility, such as high body temperature or spermophlebectasia.

Dr. Lee emphasizes that the treatment plans for the patients should be made on a case-by-case basis. The focus of treatment is not just to nourish, to tonify or to enhance the function of a particular organ, or to address the body’s deficiency or excess but to bring Yin and Yang into harmony and to ensure the normal function of the whole body.

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