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Philosophy & Concepts
Dr. Lee’ Philosophy and Concepts:

  Finding out what has gone wrong

Many infertile patients cannot find the causes of failure of natural conception or IVF. According to Dr. Lee, causes vary from external to internal ones. The patients frequently fail to notice their own symptoms. In cases where the patients are aware of their symptoms, Western medicine does not see them as the cause of infertility.

When checking a female patient’s general health, Dr. Lee pays special attention to the following:

  • The quantity of the menstrual blood, menstrual cycle, blood color, menstrual abdominal pain, breast cyst, etc.;
  • Secretion during the ovulation period (watch when you will ovulate);
  • Stress, life style, emotion;
  • Sleeping, eating and drinking habits, urine and stool;
  • Fear of coldness and hotness, sweating, rapid heartbeat, energy, etc.;
  • Irregular discharge from vagina;
  • Reduction in menstrual blood after cessation of the use of contraceptive pills; and
  • Changes in menstruation after bortion.

When the above information is collected, an analysis is made of the causes of the symptoms. Dr. Lee gets a clear picture of what has gone wrong with the patient. It could be thyroid function, primary metabolism, ovulation function, endocrine function, intra-uterine condition or autoimmune function, etc.

Then she applies Chinese Medicine to the patient to eliminate the root cause of her infertility and thus help her achieve pregnancy.

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